The last strength training app you'll ever need.

Caliber is a better way to work out. Get effective training programs, seamless workout tracking, strength metrics, fitness & nutrition education, and so much more.

Now available – and 100% free.

Why Caliber?

Effective Workouts

Get access to a library of science-based training programs that will help you build muscle and strength while losing fat.

Seamless Tracking

Built by people who love to lift, Caliber offers seamless workout tracking that goes way beyond just entering sets and reps.

Video Instructions

Access a comprehensive video library that includes detailed instructions and form tips for 100s of different exercises.

Strength Metrics

Track your progress each week with Strength Score and Strength Balance, and watch your body composition improve over time.

Weekly Lessons

Designed for all experience levels, weekly lessons reveal best practices - and common mistakes - across training and nutrition.

Nutrition Syncing

Use your favorite food logging app to keep tabs on your daily calories and macros, sync’ed in real-time to your dashboard.

100% free with no ads and no paywalls.

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